Made to Move.

Q-Line Trucking has developed a strong culture which encourages teamwork and personal development.  We believe in the importance of investing in our employees in order to successfully meet the demanding needs of our industry.  We are always looking to find additions to our offices, shop, yard, and driving staff that will foster the values and missions of our company. 



Q-Line Trucking values their employees and wants to retain and motivate top performing talent. Q-Line rewards employees by providing competitive salaries, bonuses, health & dental benefits, pension plans, and reimbursement allowances.


Q-Line Trucking is invested in the future of their employees and offers an employer matched retirement savings plan for company employees.


Q-Line Trucking has created an environment of open communication, exchange of ideas and respect for all employees which reflects our core values.


Q-Line Trucking is invested in the ongoing health and safety of our staff, which includes mental health and stress. Q-Line Trucking offers a comprehensive Health, Dental, Disability, and Extended Health benefit plan, annual vacation allowance, and employee assistance program.


Q-Line Trucking values the loyalty and Employee Recognition Awards are used to recognize and celebrate the long-term relationship between employee and Q-Line Trucking. Q-Line Trucking also recognizes employees’ hard work, commitment, and dedication to safety through various communication methods.


Q-Line Trucking values employee growth through education and learning, and will cover costs of job related courses on a case by case basis. Our intent is to promote job satisfaction and provide opportunity for growth within the company.


Specific training courses may be requested to further develop employee personal and career aspirations for advancement within the company. Training will be requested by the employee and reviewed at the discretion of management and the Human Resources department.


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Current Career Opportunities



+ How are your drivers paid?

Our Deck Transport drivers are paid a base rate per mile and our Bulk Transport drivers are paid a percentage of gross revenue. Hourly and salary options are available depending on location and position.

+ What is your hiring process?

For driving positions, applicants must complete a driver application form, along with an updated commercial abstract, which will be reviewed by the HR department. Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview. Selected candidates must successfully complete a pre-employment drug test, and orientation & assessment process before being formally hired by Q-Line Trucking.

For all other positions, applicants must complete our online application form and/or submit a resume to our HR department. Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview.

+ How much experience do I need to have in order to be a Q-Line driver?

Generally, all drivers must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience operating a commercial vehicle. Training and mentorship opportunities are available on a case by case basis.

+ Where do you travel?

Our services range across all Canadian provinces and 48 continental states. We provide our drivers the option to remain Canada only, depending on position availability.

+ What kind of trucks do you have?

To ensure the latest technology and equipment standards, Q-Line Trucking requires equipment on fleet to be a model produced within the past seven (7) years. Q-Line Trucking strives to maintain latest industry standards thus replacing truck units with newer models on an ongoing basis.

+ Will I have office support while on the road?

Our office team consists of a wide range of professionals that will support you each step of the way. Our team includes dispatch and planning, permit and routing, safety and HR who are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

+ My question wasn't answered in the FAQ. Is there a way to reach out for general inquries?

For general inquiries, please contact us at


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