What Our Customers Think About Us

Q-Line appreciates feedback from customers, below are a few comments we have received recently in regards to our service.



“I enjoy dealing with the staff from Saskatoon. To streamline the truck booking process, I have been transferred to dealing with the Winkler branch. I look forward to dealing with them in the future, and hope for continued success.”

“We have tight monthly budgets and somehow Q-Line manages to get our loads picked up. This has been great help to us in meeting monthly budgets.”

“Good reliable trucking company with high ethics, not often found in our industry.”

“Excellent service! A great dependable company to deal with. I never have to worry about any of my loads once they are booked with Q-Line”

“Great company to deal with. Very professional – especially Q-Line dispatch”

“We really appreciate the ability to co-ordinate the order of the trailers and unloading of our material”

“In our industry we are at the mercy of consultants, engineers, locations and the weather (the weather being the easiest to predict). This all makes it difficult to time loading and unloading. Delays and re-scheduling are common. We’ve been very happy with the way Q-Line has worked with us to get around these situations and look forward working with you on upcoming projects.”



“We have found that even though Q-line / Ray’s has grown, they have not slipped on customer service. This seems to be rare this day in age. Often times, as companies grow, the service level slips. We continue to experience good service from the Ray’s crew”

“Ray’s has always been helpful and the drivers have been professional. They have always been accommodating and we will continue to use and recommend them to other retails looking for a reliable logistics partner. We would be open to exploring what else Ray’s Transport could offer our organization.”

Q-Line Trucking