Deck Division: Edmonton Project

It was a busy summer for Q-Line Trucking as we recently completed a large stadium project in Edmonton, AB. With locations across Canada, this project required the expertise and coordination of our east and west coast offices, located in Milton, ON and Acheson, AB respectively. The Milton, ON Terminal facilitated the organization and operation of the project, beginning with the shipment of product from Washington, USA to Acheson, AB. The Acheson terminal assisted by facilitating the staging of the product until it was required at the stadium for erection, delivery of the structural steel required countless night moves to stage the product outside of the arena for daytime delivery into the bowl through the narrow corridor challenging our drivers skills.

The project consisted of 119 loads of structural steel in legal measurements as well as 9’10” up to 17’7” wide and pieces as long as 65’9” traveled from Washington to Edmonton during the months of April through to the end of August.

Q-Line Trucking had the pleasure of working with Tretan Inc. and Canam Group Inc. to complete the project safely, efficiently and in a timely manner. Q-Line truly does move industries that move the world!

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