Moving Forward in a Big Way


Q-Line Trucking offers a specialized freight division which provides transportation solutions for overweight and over dimensional loads. Our team of highly trained dispatchers, planners, project managers and professional drivers recently completed major projects across Canada and the USA; here are a few we want to share with you:


Fort McMurray, AB Project

Using steerable 13 axle combinations, our team moved modules measuring 25’ to 73’ long and weighing in at 90,000lb-125,000lbs. The dimensions were extremely challenging due to construction restrictions and height clearances, but we moved all modules safely and efficiently within a three month period.

Calgary, AB Project

With special permission from the City of Calgary, we moved 40’ wide structural steel, during the night, from a module assembly yard to the customer site. These loads allowed only inches on either side to clear the obstacles on route. Our team completed the night moves on schedule, with no issues.

Bethune, SK Project

With 10 trucks, we successfully moved a Baghouse (industrial vacuum) from Moose Jaw, SK to Bethune, SK. Due to the loaded height of over 26’, this project required multiple site visits to plan a safe route and means of transportation to accommodate the reduced strength of the disassembled pieces. Along with our customer, we designed shipping beams and lashing points for each piece in order to ensure safe transport. All pieces were moved within one week, with some loads moved at over 19’ at same time to save utility costs to our customer.


At Q-Line Trucking, our team is always moving. Here are a couple exciting projects currently underway:

Rainy River, ON Project

Starting August 4, 2015, we began moving (7) 244 ton haul trucks, (2) 38 cubic yard shovels, (2) dozers, (1) 26 cubic yard wheel loader, and various other types of equipment. This project requires coordination with site to bring in equipment in specific order to meet our customers’ site demands. Estimated end date is August 24, 2015.

Houston, TX Project

Currently, we are moving 11 large pressure vessels from Houston, TX to Alberta. The vessels range from 65,000lb to over 145,000lb, and all 11 vessels will be loaded and moved within in 1 week.


New Equipment

We added additional sections to our 13 axle combinations to allow the capability of moving loads at 75’ long in the well with steering capabilities. (Weights are subject to weight and center of gravity).

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